Stretching is an important activity. We all stretch in the morning when we wake and are tempted to do it again when we get off a chair after a long meeting!
With Out&Fit Stretching areas, everybody can indulge their need for stretching in the open air, on freely accessible equipment, whether they are females or males, adults or older people or persons with reduced mobility…
Out&Fit Stretching is a very complete programme that guides and motivates you to do some fifteen flexibility exercises that will help you become fit and stay healthy for a long time.
Stretching exercises are combined on one innovative* Out&Fit Stretching station and an exclusively designed bench*; they are easy, educational and fun.
Out&Fit Stretching will help release tension and encourage you to look after yourself, making you feel better in yourself, both physically and mentally.

For detailed information about the Out&Fit Stretching equipment and exercises, please contact your area manager or:

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