Symbios bench duo

/ JAN-0413

Feel at home!
A new spirit of sociability!
Symbios is the ideal range for bridging public and private spaces, where spontaneity prevails over formality. In the field, the Symbios range creates a fine impression and a fresh spirit.
Clean design that says it all.
Aim of the Symbios style?
To let the developer’s intentions speak though the product, give voice to the architect’s ideas, and put the overall vision first.
A warm combination of wood and steel, which states its case with simplicity, taste and style.
With complete freedom of expression, furniture from the Symbios line can be used in a conventional configuration but also allows planners and architects the freedom to experiment with new and more creative solutions.

Visu 360

Dimensions details

  • Products line : Symbios
  • Norms : NF-P99-610

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  • Steel structure: Made using 2D and 3D laser cutting and robotic welding.
  • Finishing: The steel has a double surface coating: electro-galvanising + powder coating.
        As an option, there is a wide choice of colours and textures for steel parts.
  • Wood: Four versions are available:
       - tropical hardwood: JAN-0019
       - softwood : JAN-0413
       - bamboo : JAN-0131
       - recycled : JAN-0020
       Please enquire for other wood species.
  • Treatment: Wood is treated with a water based, fungicidal and insecticidal acrylic stain
    that enhances the natural appearance of the wood.
  • Length (in mm): 1200
  • Nb seats :2

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