Magic'color XS


The Magic’color range is evolving: these are the brand new possibilities of the XS range, designed for toddlers.

In order to optimise and make our range even more attractive and adapted to the activity of toddlers, Husson has developed new possibilities for play.

These new games are designed for children from 2 to 5 years old, and some configurations are even adapted to even younger children, from 1 year old.

Play structures for toddlers

We know that play is very important for toddlers. It is a real, fun, and stimulating way of learning.

Play is important for the child’s development but also for their well-being. While playing, the child has fun and also develops all their psycho-motor skills and faculties.

This is why we have decided to expand our Magic’color range to offer new activities for toddlers.

Magic’color XS range: an ideal atmosphere for games

To ensure that children are attracted and eager to explore our play structure, our Magic’color XS range has been designed as a fantasy environment.
Choice of colours and patterns: everything is designed to ensure that the child evolves in an attractive microcosm.

These structures of the XS range are made so that the child can play and wander together with their parents. They overcome challenges, venture into new and surprising activities, solve problems and find solutions. Put simply, it’s stimulating and perfect for having a rich and diversified first play experience.

A wide range of games for playgrounds

Magic’color XS
offers a very wide range of possible activities: action games, practical games or role-playing games. Through play, toddlers will learn many skills such as:

  • motor precision and coordination,
  • fine motor skills
  • language development
  • social skills
  • but also the development of abstract thinking.

Finally, it is a range of games that allows the child to develop on all levels, while having great fun at a suitable playground.

Varied themes

Our Magic’color XS range of games can be customised based on different themes:

  • the village,
  • the enchanted forest, 
  • the treasure island, etc.

Each theme allows you to create a play structure adapted to the specific needs of users.

This new range is ideal for schools, shopping centres and green spaces. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is covered by Husson’s 10-year long-term warranty.