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  • New Street Furniture catalog


    Discover our new Street Furniture catalog
  • H99®, Contactless alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel dispenser, 100% MADE IN FRANCE



    Protect your customers, visitors and colleagues !

    The Husson contactless alcohol-based gel dispenser is simple and effective to fight against the spread of viruses, in all public spaces, indoors and outdoors.

  • How to exercise in hot weather


    Whatever the season, you like to move.
    Every summer, you take the opportunity to discover new sports activities even if the mercury rises.
    What if this year, you discovered the outdoor fitness areas?

    Follow our tips to learn how to exercise peacefully despite the heat.

  • Outdoor workouts: combining sport and health


    Workouts have won over sports-lovers. Good for your health, this sporting activity helps to reduce stress or lose weight.

    Working out also reduces cholesterol and slows ageing. Workouts are now leaving the gym and getting outside, with equipment specially designed for this activity.

  • Playground: which range to choose?


    Our mission is to see children grow up in specially dedicated play environments.
    Our playgrounds are designed to encourage children to blossom. They are essential for children simply to be able to play and develop on all levels: physical, cognitive, sensory, motor, etc.

    There are different types of play suitable for every age.

    Thus, we offer several ranges of appropriate play areas, with apparatus to suit every level of play.

    See which range and which theme to choose to match your playground project.

  • What trends are we seeing in street furniture?


    The renovation of public spaces is becoming increasingly important.
    Every square, every street, every park must help create a pleasant and friendly urban environment.
    We should also add that there is now a real desire to reinvest in city centres, to pedestrianise more areas, to promote cycling, etc. All this requires undertaking comprehensive renovations of urban spaces based on a positive principle: friendliness.

    Let’s take a look at the new trends in street furniture.

  • How to successfully build your playground


    Building a playground for children and successfully renovating the space is fundamental. The role this future area will play in accommodating children in the best way possible is very important within a town.

    Children do not see the world in the same way as adults: in order to design a suitable playground, we must put ourselves in their shoes.

    Of course, this alone is not enough to successfully build a playground. The choice of site, play structures, fun equipment, colours, seating areas and landscaping are other aspects that must be considered for a successful build.

    We’ll give you all the keys to successfully build your playground.

  • Playgrounds: let’s make the most of the holidays to move


    The end-of-year holidays are fast approaching. It is a time when children are on holiday and inevitably, they need to be kept busy and offered fun and sporting activities.

    Playgrounds are ideal for fun and outdoor activities.

    We’ll tell you all about the benefits of playgrounds.

  • Magic'color XS


    The Magic’color range is evolving: these are the brand new possibilities of the XS range, designed for toddlers.

    In order to optimise and make our range even more attractive and adapted to the activity of toddlers, Husson has developed new possibilities for play.

    These new games are designed for children from 2 to 5 years old, and some configurations are even adapted to even younger children, from 1 year old.

  • News n°10


    Discover our News n°10.

    You will find all new splendid products as well as superb installations made by Husson International.

    Proof in pictures