As a major manufacturer, HUSSON designs and produces its equipment with the safety of its customers and users in mind.
HUSSON International has more than 40 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining play and sports equipment and street furniture. Each and every one of its products meets the very highest safety standards.

All HUSSON International products are designed and tested to meet a range of European regulations and standards and are certified by one or more independent laboratories, including Prélud, TÜV, Pourquery and Socotec.

Because Husson is absolutely committed to safety, our equipment goes beyond applicable standards in many areas.

Standards and regulations

  • European standards EN 1176 and EN 1177 prepared by the CEN (European committee for standardisation) came into force in Europe in 1999 and were amended in 2008.
  • French regulations relating to play areas : In France, since 1 January 1995, all equipment for collective play areas is required to comply with the safety requirements defined in decree 94-699.

A new European standard EN 15312 "Free access multi-sports equipment" has been in force since 2007.

In France, the following standard applies to benches: AFNOR NFP-99-610.

The new standards applicable on the European level to spectator stands have been approved and have been in force since 2006.
In Europe, the applicable standards are as follows :

  • EN 13200: Spectator facilities.
  • EN-13200-5: Telescopic stands.
  • EN-13200-6: Demountable (temporary) stands.