Playgrounds: let’s make the most of the holidays to move


The end-of-year holidays are fast approaching. It is a time when children are on holiday and inevitably, they need to be kept busy and offered fun and sporting activities.

Playgrounds are ideal for fun and outdoor activities.

We’ll tell you all about the benefits of playgrounds.

A fun and sporting activity in the outdoors

The holidays are fast approaching and the kids are going to need to let off steam.

Instead of the games console, tablet, smartphone, or television, there are smart alternatives to keep your children occupied.
We know that they spend more and more time in front of their screens, and during this time they don’t move or get fresh air, and this can have a negative impact on their health.
This is not the case with outdoor games, quite the contrary.

For children of all ages, an outing to the nearest playground offers many benefits for their health, development and mental well-being.

Playing outside, at an adapted playground, allows your children to learn through play, but also to develop their social skills, their creative spirit, their independence, their agility and their motor skills.

Not to mention that by engaging in a fun outdoor activity, they exert themselves, which is good for their energy and fitness.

A playground that promotes learning

Yes, you learn many things while playing at a playground. Organising, helping each other, understanding, problem-solving, analysing, discovering new game situations, encouraging, learning new movements and finally, acquiring many new skills.

Outdoor games promote all these learning situations that children face. This is an excellent opportunity to make discoveries that promote children’s development.


Outdoor playgrounds allow you to meet people

, children do not behave in the same way as in a place such as a classroom. The playground is a good place for new encounters and therefore for the development of social skills.
A true microcosm, the playground allows all children, even the most shy ones, to participate in activities and games during which they will naturally collaborate with other children.

Children come into contact and play while making new friends, sometimes without even realising it. They discuss, negotiate, seek solutions, help each other and interact while playing.

They therefore develop their autonomy by organising themselves, most of the time without the help of adults. They learn from their mistakes, find bold ways to progress and develop their independence. They push their limits and explore this little world in which they are playing.
Sliding, balancing, climbing, acrobatics, etc., a wealth of new sensations to their great delight.

Outdoor games for health and well-being

Outdoor playgrounds are, above all, the ideal opportunity to exercise. A physical activity in its own right, since children often spend several hours playing and using energy. It is ideal for their physical health, but also for their entire well-being. Outdoor activities allow them to release all the accumulated stress, and ultimately, the children will be calmer afterwards.

It is a time when they are free, they can express themselvesand let their imagination run free, in a space dedicated to them.
Children will be able to develop in complete safety in Husson playgrounds, and parents will be able to make the most of the opportunity to take a break too.

So over the Christmas holidays, take the opportunity to move and let the children enjoy an outdoor playground.